Our Story

We are a Wisconsin based small business started by myself, a working mom and wife, out of a desire to chase a dream of owning my own clothing business. Clothing has always been a dream of mine and as a child I would construct clothes out of paper making costumes and dresses to do regularly scheduled fashion shows. As I have grown up I love picking out clothes for friends and even still sewing from time to time. I even sewed a number of items for my bridesmaids in my wedding. So you could say I LOVE clothes. 

I think it goes without saying that I also LOVE to shop!  However I have always been frustrated when shopping online the clothing images are always of models and not real women, moms, sisters and friends to be able to truly see what something would fit like on me.  As we launch you will see many of my amazing friends helping model to give all you amazing customers a true representation of the items we carry. 

Which brings me to the good stuff! I search and shop and shop constantly to find brands and clothes that I love so much that I want to share with you. In addition to all the great quality stuff I find, I also like to find great MADE IN THE USA pieces as well. As a girl from a small town that saw big manufacturing leave, it means a lot to me to support business within the USA too! 

I am obsessed with textures and fit and am all about finding pieces that can be easily worn over and over again in all sorts of scenarios. As a mom I need clothes that look cute but can still be worn chasing down screaming banshee or wrestling an oil slicked alligator... I mean toddler.  I have been there....

We hope you love our comfortable yet stylish options that you want to wear everyday! 

Check us out on Instagram @shopendoftheday as well for great ways to wear some of our shop's favorites!  

Stay Comfy, Stay Classy and So Much Love, 


PS. Any questions, feel free to reach out to us at hannah@shopendoftheday.com